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NVG is the developer of the world's only integrated tourism technology solution. Since 1985 we have supplied software and hardware solutions to Local, Regional and National Tourism Organisations, Destination Management Organisations, Tourist Information Centres and tourism businesses, including hotels, guesthouses, attractions and tourism associations.

Our solutions help destinations and tourism businesses alike communicate more effectively with visitors and businesses, attract new visitors and target new markets, and increase revenue streams.

Our Solutions

NVG solutions help destinations and tourism businesses alike attract new visitors, target new markets, and increase revenue streams.


Our interfaces

Find out more about our award winning DC.NET, AC.NET, NVG.WEB, ROOMCHECK and GUESTLINK and how to use them to your advantage.


Our Clients

Our systems are in use at over 300 local, regional and national locations and support every shape and size of tourism organisation.



Leeds Visitor Centre finds the Counterpoint and DC net tools an invaluable help in the day-to day running of the visitor centre. We use DC net for searching events, running reports and also as a directory. By linking Guestlink to DC net and, it has proved a real help in ensuring we have up-to-date information from our partners and suppliers that staff can also rely on. More than anything else, we use Counterpoint to help fulfil Love Leeds More brochure requests from the website or over the phone, and to help enter and track customer enquiries. Overall, the NVG system is key to the service we provide at Leeds Visitor Centre and look forward to more innovative developments from NVG in the future.John Duncan, Manager, Leeds Visitor Centre.
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All NVG & Guestlink eCommerce systems are PCI-DSS Compliant.

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